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  • 04/01/2009 by roms:
    As you may have noticed, TiEmu-2 has been removed from ticalc.org archives because it has been replaced by TiEmu-3 since 2007.

    Please note that Windows 9x/Me/NT4 support will be dropped in the next releases of TiEmu. But, the v3.03 will still be available in the download section so that Windows 9x/Me/NT4 users can still get it.

  • 14/01/2008 by roms:
    Six months later, we are happy to announce TiEmu 3.02 with many improvements and bug fixes. The most important improvement is probably the ability to choose between two debugging mode: a single VTi-style window (new) and the multi window system (current). So, TiEmu is now very closed VTi in terms of debugger behaviour and appearance!

  • 30/08/2007 by roms:
    TiEmu 3.01 has just been released with many improvements and sound emulation. Please note that USB driver has been removed but re-added in TiEmu 3.01a.

  • 28/05/2006 by roms:
    Development of TiEmu2 has stopped (see ML for details). I have switched to TiEmu3 and added a VTI-style debugger (the same as TiEmu2 without the license issues) for people who does not want GDB. To make short: TiEmu3-NoGdb = TiEmu2.

  • 21/01/2006 by roms:
    Happy new year ! The TiEmu team is proud to announce that TiEmu got the ticalc.org's POTY 2005 award !
    Thanks to you, the users, for your help and your support ;-)

  • 12/09/2005 by roms:
    The gdb branch has been merged for a while. I have switched to TiEmu 3.00 for now.
    Some bug-fixing updates of TiEmu 2.00 may appear but no feature will be added.

    TiEmu 3.00 uses the TiLP-II framework for now.
    Moreover, the SilverLink cable is useable under Linux & Windows !

  • 24/08/2005 by roms:
    The final release of TiEmu is available; the corresponding branch (main) is now frozen.
    We are about to switch/merge to the gdb branch (planned to be TiEmu 3.00). We planned to do:
    - integration of GDB/Insight (graphical front-end to GDB) in TiEmu for TIGCC debugging (mostly done),
    - IPC interface for use by TIGCC IDE or third party programs,
    - sound emulation,
    - upgrading to the new TiLP-II framework (cables/calcs/files libraries),
    - the usual bug fixes ;-)

  • 13/06/2005 by roms:
    Added a section for the Mac OS-X port managed by Christian Walther.
    TiEmu rc3 is available on the Mac OS-X platform for now.
    Thanks to Jaime Fernando for his nice icons and hibou for his nice TiEmu logo !
    Final release of TiEmu should be available at the end of the week !

  • 05/28/2005 by roms:
    TiEmu does not have a real logo yet. We run a kind of logo contest. Your logos are welcome.
    I have upload a snapshot of TiEmu for iPAQ in the Linux section.

  • 05/22/2005 by roms:
    The TiEmu team is pleased to tell you that TiEmu-II 2.00 is no longer in alpha stage and is available as Release Candidate (RC1). You are encouraged to test it and report bugsproblems, suggestions. Users, you also have your forum.

    TiEmu is a full-featured TI89/89t/92/92+/V200 emulator for Linux/Windows/(Mac OS-X) provided with a complete html manual.

    Another branch currently managed by Kevin is being integrating GDB and
    an Insight debugger for powerful debugging with "TIGCC 0.96 Beta 4 or higher".
    This branch is still under development but will be tagged as 3.00 as soon as the 2.00-RC will be considered as stable.

    The TI community is about to have powerful tools for now !

  • 05/16/2005 by roms:
    Latest snapshot of TiEmu has been upload. The next release will be RC one.
    Kevin Kofler of TIGCC team has released a new snapshot of his tiemu-tigcc-debugging branch. It's accesible from the download section of from SF.

  • 04/13/2005 by roms:
    TiEmu should enter in beta stage (release candidate) in 2/3 weeks. In the meanwhile, the site has been updated and prepared for this.
    The download of alpha releases has been moved to the downloads section.

    I would like to thank Andrew of Cambridge Signal Processing who donates an iPAQ for porting TiEmu on this platform. I will work on this port