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a TI89(Titanium), TI92(+), V200 emulator

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This project aims to develop a fast emulator for the TI89(titanium)/92(+)/V200PLT calculators under Linux, Windows and Mac OS-X. 
This emulator started on the Jonas Minnberg's (X)Tiger emulator which is based on UAE (the Universal Amiga Emulator).  It was deeply reworked and improved thus it's very different now.

TiEmu uses the GDK library (GTK component) for the display. The GUI has been written with GTK+ (the Gimp ToolKit).


2000 (May) : Thomas Corvazier and I planned to write a Linux/Win32 TI emulator at the same time. We have been meeting each other on the ti-fr.org forum and decided to work together rather working separately. Thus, the project started on May 2000. He took over the Jonas Minnberg's XTiger emulator. We slightly reworked it, improved it and splitted into 2 parts: the m68k part (library) and the GUI. Thomas worked on the low-level layer whereas I worked on the GUI. TiEMu switched from X11 to SDL (a portable graphics library). We added TI89/92+ support. Due to a lack of time, Thomas quickly stopped to work on TiEmu in 2001 (v1.00 to 1.53_1.4.2).

2001 : I goes on the work during 2001-2003 : many improvements on the GUI, some fixes and a lot of clean-up. Added link support thru the TiLP framework. During this period, I worked whenever I was not working on TiLP. In 2002, I decide to switch to TiEmu-II, that is to say to completely rework TiEmu which suffers of many architectural odds (v1.58 to 1.67) . Finally, I stopped working for a while.

2002 : Julien Blache write SkinEdit, a skin editor for TiEmu.

2003 : Julien Blache converts the GUI from GTK 1.x to GTK 2.x for Debian packaging. This is TiEmu v1.68.
Project is still maintainted for bug fixes but I'm not really working on.

2004 : on May, I restart TiEmu-II (1.70) and do a huge work : big clean-up, many fixes, improvements and a lot of new fetaures. O. Armand, K. Kofler and L. Debroux will be very helpful for their help, testing and suggestions. TiEmu is v1.80o and supports Titanium and V200.

2005 : Kevin gains access to the SVN and brings about patches for fixes and improvements. He is working in the meanwhile on the integration of gdb into TiEmu (tiemu-gdb branch). TiEmu is approaching of a release-candidate. Since 2004, TiEmu has done a very big step and is now a full emulator (v1.80t) !
I have written my own hardware guide which is a compilation of many informations on things related to hardware. It's was very useful forworking on TiEmu internals.
Christian worked actively on the Mac OS-X port.