Linux (TI) Programmer Group

Downloading TilEm

Installing TilEm on Windows

Download the TilEm installer (5.1 MB), unzip and run it.

  • SHA256: f22aad40f9e5dff38974c488bde1e151225d2f609762ce6f09ef6c4c20a0959d

Installing TilEm on GNU/Linux, Unix, or similar operating systems

Download the TilEm sources (2.4 MB).

You will also need GTK+ 2.x and libticalcs2 (from the TiLP project) installed. Note that these packages may be available from your OS's package manager; if so, be sure that you install the “development” (-devel or -dev) packages as well.

Unpack the sources by running ‘tar xfvj tilem.tar.bz2’, then compile and install TilEm by running ‘./configure && make && sudo make install’. See the INSTALL file for more information.

TilEm is likely to work on Mac OS X, but we have not tested it. Please let us know if you can help us support TilEm on Mac OS X.

Library sources

Source code is also available for the various libraries used by TilEm. We recommend, however, that you obtain the latest versions of these libraries from their respective developers, if possible.

Older versions

You can download older versions of TilEm from SourceForge.