Drivers for TI Educational USB devices


Drivers provided on this site are intended to be used with TiLP and/or TiEmu or third party programs. They are not compatible with Ti-Connect and Ti-Connect driver is not compatible with TiLP/TiEmu.
All calculators can be used with this driver. It means that your old calculator, which is no longer supported by the TI-Connect software, is usable with TiLP and this driver.

The TI-GRAPH LINK(tm) USB (aka SilverLink) cable is the third link cable designed by Texas Instruments. This cable is faster than any other currently available. It can reach a maximum rate of 5.6 KB/s.
This device is a Full-Speed (FS, 12Mbit/s) device, USB1.1 compliant, under a proprietary class. It does not fit into any existing class (HID, printer, ...). Thus, it requires a specific device driver. White paper on this device: here.

In 2004, TI released two new handhelds (TI84+/SE and TI89 Titanium). There were the first handhelds to have an embedded USB port with On-The-Go specification. Our driver support them, too. White paper on handhelds with USB embedded port: here.

Screen dump transfer with TiLP under Linux : ROM dump transfer with TiLP under Windows XP :