Drivers for TI Educational USB devices


* Aug 2007 : roms

Please note that TiLP/TiEmu no longer use these drivers. The ticables2 library now relies on libusb-win32 under Windows.

* Oct the 3rd, 2006 : roms

- Driver has been tested/validated on Windows Vista Ultimate RC1 (32-bits). But, by loading this unsigned driver you won't be able to play protected high-definition multimedia content. There is a new form of DRM which protects the Vista kernel. More information on ZD Net blog.
- Please note there is no 64-bit driver because Vista 64-bits needs a digitally signed one.

* May the 24th, 2006 : roms

64-bit version of the driver is now available for Windows XP/2003.

* July the 25th, 2005 : roms

I have upload a new release (v3.4/2.3) of the driver. This release adds:
- support of the DirectLink cable (USB plug of TI84+ & Titanium hand-helds),
- potential bug fixes on the old API,
- a new/better API used by TiLP-II,

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