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  • 2013/03/31 by debrouxl (Lionel Debroux):

    I have just released TILP II 1.17, GFM 1.07 and the associated libraries.

    Guess what... many changes since TILP II 1.16 (quite a bit more than between any two consecutive releases from years past, in fact), the most noteworthy of which are:
    • conversion of TILP from Glade to GTK+Builder: the bulk of the work was done by Jon Sturm, it opens the door to further improvements on the code base.
    • Initial, incomplete TI-84+CSE support: OS upgrades, FlashApps, pictures and possibly certificate files are supported (provided the files are renamed from *.8c? to *.8x?), background images not supported.
    • new TI-Z80 ROM dumper, with improved 82/85 support, 84+ Flash unlocking, etc.
    • USB scan at startup (options.auto_detect) enabled by default (but old config files are not updated, obviously), to match the behaviour of TI-Connect and TINC(L)S.
    • no more cmd window for TILP on Windows: the output is now properly redirected to a file even when there's no such window (by Benjamin Moody).
    • other features: raw mode external linking, loading libusb-win32 dynamically, tons of previously (wrongly) internal libticalcs functions now exported to user programs so that they no longer need to copy and paste thousands of lines of code if they merely want to implement a new command not yet implemented by libticalcs, Nspire remote control primitives, 83+ DBUS memory page dump primitive, initial TI-80 VSC support, etc.
    • Bugfixes: more warnings, more crasher bugs, more undefined behaviour fixed (clang is a valuable tool !); upstream fixes to ease downstream packagers' job; relying on libarchive instead of embedding a patched copy of minizip.

    Special thanks to Benjamin Moody and Jon Sturm for their contributions and code reviews !
    More changes to come: switching to Git full-time, first-class 84+CSE support, new TI-Z80 commands, further modularization / cleanups / hardening / improvements of the code base, etc.
    Here are the source tarballs: libticonv, libtifiles, libticables, libticalcs, tilp, gfm.
    Here are the Windows installers: tilp, gfm.

  • 2011/12/14 by debrouxl (Lionel Debroux):

    I have just released TILP II 1.16, GFM 1.06 and the associated libraries.

    Once again, many changes since TILP II 1.15, the most noteworthy of which are:
    • Massive Windows improvements: newer libusb version which enables side-by-side installation with TI-Connect/TINC(L)S (with manual configuration), per-user settings, less spam in the console output window, much more reliable GTK+ download procedure.
    • Desktop integration: Drag&Drop code improvement, FreeDesktop.org .desktop files, MIME types files. Contributed by Jon Sturm.
    • Nspire CX (and hopefully CM) support: getting screenshots, upgrading the OS.
    • Bugfixes: crasher bugs, human-readable messages for previously unknown error codes, a number of TI-Z80-related bugs (most of these reported by Benjamin Moody).

    Here are the source tarballs: libticonv, libtifiles, libticables, libticalcs, tilp, gfm.
    Here are the Windows installers: tilp, gfm.

  • 2011/05/28 by debrouxl (Lionel Debroux):

    I have just released TILP II 1.15, GFM 1.05 and the associated libraries.

    Once again, many changes since TILP II 1.14, the most noteworthy of which are:
    • User interface improvements: for example, a menu at the top of the window.
    • New libusb 1.0 backend for libticables: TILP II 1.15 will work for the users of the many distros which, unfortunately, don't package libusb 0.1 proper anymore.
    • Bugfixes for DirectLink calculators: most of the causes of failure when sending or receiving files of peculiar sizes are gone.
    • Nspire OS 2.x and 3.x support, several new operations, e.g. remote variable deletion.

    Here are the source tarballs: libticonv, libtifiles, libticables, libticalcs, tilp, gfm.
    Here are the Windows installers: tilp, gfm.

  • 2010/04/08 by debrouxl (Lionel Debroux):

    As proof that development goes on, I have just released TILP II 1.14, GFM 1.04 and the associated libraries ;-)

    Many changes since TILP II 1.13, the most noteworthy of which are:
    • major bugfixes for the Z80 models: groups & file checksums, thereby significantly improving TILP's interoperability with TI-Connect files and vice-versa;
    • major bugfixes for the Nspire models: connection is slower, especially on older OS, but reliable;
    • addition of a DirectLink (USB) 84+ ROM dumper kindly contributed by Brandon Wilson.

    Here are the source tarballs: libticonv, libtifiles, libticables, libticalcs, tilp, gfm.

    I have also uploaded two installers for Windows: TILP installer, GFM installer.

    See the previous news from compiling TILP+GFM from SVN, and don't forget to look inside the script before using it ;-)

    In other news: Jon Sturm a.k.a TheStorm/JonimusP, Arch Linux package maintainer for libti*/gfm/tilp/tiemu, is working on improving the integration of TILP to the Linux desktop environments (updating .desktop files, MIME type definitions, switching to built-in icons where possible, etc.) and on improving the intuitiveness of some operations (by adding some right-click menu entries). You can get a glimpse of his work with this screenshot (icon labels displayed) and this screenshot (icon labels not displayed).
    This work will be integrated in the next TILP releases (which will also contain, between other things, more bugfixes and an expansion of the feature set wrt. Nspire calculators).

  • 2009/11/16 by debrouxl (Lionel Debroux):

    As noted in the previous news, Romain has stopped participating in the development of LPG software, after ten years and lots of work in the service of the community - but development goes on ;-)

    I've made a script for *nix platforms (tested so far on Debian Lenny, Ubuntu 9.04, Ubuntu 9.10), to make it easier for people to test bugfixes directly from SVN: it checkouts (or updates, if a previous checkout is present) libti*, gfm and tilp from SVN, compiles and installs them. You can download the script here.
    Be sure to look inside it: you can find information on the packages you need for a successful compilation, and modify the path for the checkout and the $PREFIX where the binaries are installed..

  • 2009/06/04 by roms:

    After this release (1.13), I decided to _stop_ development of TiLP & TiEmu. There are various reasons for this:
    • I have been working in the TI-68k community for about ten years, and I would like to focus on other activities that I have become more interested in,
    • the community is dying or has been almost dead since 2007. The Nspire could have reversed the flow, but it remains, to date, a piece of hardware and software closed to third-party, amateur development. It's an enormous shame (in my opinion and in the opinion of many other TI-68k developers), because "hackability" and third-party development was THE factor of success in the marketplace for TI-Z80 and TI-68k calculators.

  • 2009/01/04 by roms:
    The current release of TiLP (1.12) works with NSpire & NSpire-CAS (OS 1.6).

    As you may have noticed, TiLP-1 has been removed from ticalc.org archives because it has been replaced by TiLP-2 since the middle of 2006.
    A new release is being prepared: better support of Windows Vista and full Windows 64-bits support.

    Please note that Windows 9x/Me/NT4 support will be dropped in the next releases of TiLP. But, the v1.12 will still be available in the download section so that Windows 9x/Me/NT4 users can still get TiLP2 for this platform.

  • 2008/03/28 by roms:
    TiLP2 v1.11 released: full NSpire support (OS 1.2 & 1.3) and full NSpire-CAS support.

  • 2008/01/14 by roms:
    Six months later, I am very happy to announce the release of TiLP2 v1.10. This release includes the usual improvements and bug fixes and adds NSpire support (picture here). Please note that NSpire-CAS has not been tested...

  • 2007/08/30 by roms:
    TiLP2 v1.07 has just been released. This release does not contains non-free software any longer: PortTalk NT I/O driver has been replaced by MPlayer's DHA driver and my USB driver has been replaced by libusb-win32 one.
    The grouping/ungrouping capabilities of TiLP have been moved into a new application called GFM (Group File Manager).

  • 2007/04/10 by roms:
    Due to an exchange between the IUFM (University training French teachers at Grenoble) and UTeach (University training Texan teachers at Austin,Texas), I was at Austin from March the 24th to April the 7th. So, I had the opportunity to meet people of TI-EPS at Dallas.
    After several mails and letters and a 30' international phone call, I got an appointment with Steve (Ti-Cares Customer Support) and Herbert (Manager of Business Services) on Monday the 2nd to discuss about hand-helds and Linux. I rent a car at Austin and 4 hours later, I was in Dallas!
    The appointment have last 3 hours: a tour of the company (call center, T3 program and delivering), a question roadmap, a presentation of LPG's various Linux software and a presentation of the new nspire by TI.
    To sump-up: no way to get any documentation and/or (un)official Linux support. I will not give the reasons here but they are related to money and reputation.
    I have talked about the Titanium-USB/Linux bug: I will send a bug report but they can't promise anything (cost).

    Well, some pictures: dallas sign building car

  • 2006/10/17 by roms:
    With some help from the linux-usb mailing list, we have discovered why Titanium has a problem with Linux:
    > Any ideas about this 'bug'? Is it related to kernel or bad hand-held
    > hardware?

    It is a bug in the Titanium firmware. In the logs for both handhelds you
    can see where the kernel sends a Set-Interface request after your driver
    releases the interface. (The kernel does this automatically so that the
    interface will be back in its original condition when the next driver
    binds to it.) Both devices return an error, which is a perfectly legal

    However the Titanium then crashes. It doesn't respond to the Clear-Halt
    commands sent by the kernel after the Set-Interface fails, whereas the
    TI84+ acknowledges them correctly. Since it has crashed, your driver is
    unable to reconnect and you have to reset the device by unplugging it.
    The source of the errors is the Titanium failure to respond to the
    kernel's Clear-Halt requests.

    Alan Stern

  • 2006/09/24 by roms:
    Yeah, TiLP2 v1.00 has been released on ticalc.org. This is the first stable & official release. Great thanks to Benjamin Moody for his analysis of the TI84+ USB protocol.
    The Link Guide has been updated consequently, too

    Important note: TiLP1 is _not_ supported any longer.