a site which deals with programming for TI calculators under linux

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First, if you are looking for a program running with Linux, take a look at the ticalc.org archive repository (UNIX section): here.
But, there are old and up-to-date programs.

Next, CalcForce provides a RPM & DEB repository as a courtesy. You will find here up-to-date packaged applications for the most common Linux distribution (Fedora & Debian).

Here, a short list of interesting programs:
- TIGCC : a C compiler for TI9x
- Z80 Asm Ide : an IDE to develop Z80 asm programs
- rabbitsign : a TI-83/84 Plus Flash Application signing program
- tisdcc : a C compiler for TI8x

Created in July 2000
By E.T.M.C and Laminoir