The C compiler for TI89/92+

I do not work on this project any longer given that I no more time (job) !

The TiGCC/UNIX release is now maintained by Kevin Kofler of the TIGCC team.

The new page for this project is : http://tigcc.ticalc.org/linux. Please update your bookmarks...

Latest update: April the 6th

Current version: v0.94 Beta 8 (not released yet, waiting SR approval)
Previous version: v0.93 [February 3, 2002: TIGCC v0.93 Beta, Obj2TI v1.01, Library v2.41, IDE v2.9]


TIGCC has been stopped for a while but it restarted now ! Well, a lot of work has been done: upgrading, clean-up, patch support, added some new tools such as tprbuilder. This release is a full release and can be considered equivalent to the Win32 one.

A release is available on ticalc.org in the Unix section.
Linux releases are now in phase with Win32 ones.

ChangeLog (it's not the latest, I have forgotten my HDD):  Here

I added on the web site a documentation I have written about the TIGCC Internals.


This project aims to develop a 'C' cross-compiler as well as a cross-assembler for the TI89/92+ calculators under Linux. A such compiler already exists under Windows since it has been primarily developped on this platform by the TIGCC Team.

Later, Henri Moilanen has developed the same compiler under Linux but the project has been stopped for a while.
Recently, Henri Moilanen asked me to take over the development of the Ti-GCC project (Linux version).
As you can see, I have accepted. Thus, I am the new maintainer of this project.

You can know more about these TI graphing calculators on ticalc or on the Texas Instruments web site.


 - compiling M68000 code: GNU compiler (gcc),
 - assembling M68000 code: GNU assembler (gas) and AmigaDOS assembler (a68k),
 - linking: GNU linker (ld),
 - converting: use the JM's converter which converts m68k COFF file format into TI file format. It replaces the Vassor's converter.
 - misc: a lot of small utilities developed by the TICT (Ti Chess Team)
 - front-end: the same as tigcc.exe.
 - Exe Pack Technology support
 - building: a tool is included for building TIGCC project (.tpr) files generated by the TIGCC-IDE.

About the IDE: I may develop an IDE for Linux.


- Linux: ok.

- UNIXes: Solaris, HP-UX, ... are managed by J. David Ratliff (TechnoPlaza).

Note: the previous release of TIGCC was available for all UNIXes. Unfortunately, this new one works only on Linux/x86 platforms. TIGCC is based on a very important program (the patcher) which has been written in Delphi by S. Reichelt and Kylix produces only x86 code under Linux. This may change but it will require to write a new patcher in 'C' language.


- TI89/92+ hardware & software documentation (PDF)
- TI COFF file format (PDF)
- various documentations on ticalc (misc or text folder)
- tutorials: TechnoPlazza, TI Chess Team (TICT)
- documentation included in the TIGCC Library

- TIGCC Internals (a .doc, readable with StarOffice & Word97 & Linux wordreader) : describes the internal mechanisms of TIGCC.


Note: I have released the packages on ticalc (unix folder) only. My modem bandwidth is too limited (33.6K) and I can not upload them from school (ssh).

You can download either the source package, either the binary package.

The binary package contains all the necessary tools for compiling C applications.
The source package is provided for those who want to recompile TiGCC/Linux.

If you want recompile TIGCC/Linux, you will need binutils and gcc-core archives (as well as a lot of disk space and time !!!).
You will need Kylix Open Edition too !
I have adopted the same as those used by TIGCC/Win32.
You can get them here:
- binutils-2.11.2.tar.[gz|bz2]
- gcc-core-3.0.2.tar.[.gz|bz2]
- binutils-2.9.1.tar.[gz|bz2] (GeekGadgets)

Project management:
 The development branch is hosted on SourceForge Logo.


If you have questions, suggestions, bug to report, or any other stuff, feel free to mail me...
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